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Opus Wealth Management


Retirement Accelerator for Financial Independence Planning

For professionals and business owners with high income earning capacity who have not yet reached their full potential. This person wants to balance his or her current lifestyle while accelerating a plan for financial independence. To ensure that goals are reached while considering a choice of lifestyle requires both changes in habits and utilization of tools, including:

Wealth Management Hub – All your financial information in one place to organize, simplify and track your financial life and budgeting goals.

Retirement Builder Tool – Assess your current situation relative to your goals to give you realistic balance between your lifestyle and your retirement.

Savings Goal Accelerator – A plan for an accelerated schedule to get you on track to help meet your goals. You receive positive reinforcement throughout your progress with the easy to read tracker.

Estate Plan Designer - A planner that ensures your assets are left in an organized and managed fashion for your loved ones.

Insurance Assessor - A tool to assess the structure and amount of your current insurance in light of the assets you’ve built over time.  Determine your future insurance needs between now and your financial independence.

Capital Allocator – To balance your need for higher returns and diminished risk capacity. 

Business Owner Planning – Strategies to get the most out of your business from now to retirement.

Tax Reduction Strategies – Minimize taxes that can drag on your wealth accumulation.

Executive Planner – Ensure you’re taking advantage of all the catch up provisions at your firm and plan effectively.

Behavior Modifier – Values-based planning centered on what will make you happy and give you a balanced financial life while still gaining ground and accelerating your retirement goals.

If these considerations resonate with your situation you may be a good fit for our services. Give us a call to start a conversation and a free evaluation.