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Opus Wealth Management


Wealth Optimizer for Financial Independence Planning

For professionals and business owners who are late in their careers and looking for precision in their plan horizon as well as wealth protection on multiple fronts. This strategy requires comprehensive tools including:


Wealth Management Hub – A personal site to bring together your complex financial products including your investments, stock options, restricted stock, insurance, financial plan and budget into one convenient hub.

Retirement Builder Tool – Can you meet your retirement goals at your current rate of investment?  This tool will assess your goals relative to your historical “run rate” to assess current path relative to desired outcome.

Estate Plan Designer - A planner that insures your assets are left in an organized and managed fashion for your loved ones.

Insurance Assessor – A tool to assess the structure and amount of your current insurance in light of the assets you’ve built over time.  Determine your future insurance needs between now and your financial independence.

Capital Allocator – Assess the risk/reward embedded in your current strategies relative to your shortened time frame and your desire for reduced volatility.

Business Planner – To enhance the strategic planning and decision making of keeping or selling your business, this tool formulates an “income sustainability” strategy whether you’re going to keep the business or formulate an exit plan and sell the business.

Tax Reduction Strategies – Now that you are in the higher tax brackets, targeted attention to tax-efficient investment strategies and other tax friendly policies can help you towards achieving your goals without losing ground.

Executive Planner – For your restricted stock, performance stock, stock options and non-qualified deferred compensation programs, use this tool to build a cohesive strategy to bridge you from employment to financial independence.

Charitable Giving Planner – As a leader in your community, you may desire to maximize the impact of your legacy now and after your passing.


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